Is it really that long?

It’s all about the timing….Desolation6

In April 2013, when I posted my first blog,I had a plan.  I was going to be brief but intriguing, then wait awhile to build anticipation for the next post.

I maybe overdid the pause.Desolation5

Maybe by about five years.

It’s 2018, and anyone who may have been piqued by desolationrower’s 2013  debut has given up looking in the belief that, being old, I’d failed to master the technology, or died or something.

But the long pause has its pros and cons:

On the negative side, even my own family and friends (those who haven’t themselves died – and  I’m finding that the older I get, the more of them are inconsiderate enough to escape  their obligations to me in this way )  have wandered away and just don’t care about desolationrower any more. I’ve lost more than four years of the brilliant insights I could have shared with you, because I’ve forgotten them (did I mention forgetful?) And the interesting and unusual (for me) job I’d just started in 2013, with all its rich blog material in mad happenings and crazy characters, has gone (I resigned last year, ostensibly to ‘spend more time with my family’, but actually because I couldn’t any more face getting up at 4.30am. and  doing eight hours’ hard graft  trying to save the planet.) More of that later……..

On the plus side, I’m definitely still alive, and much smarter and more experienced than I was in 2013.  I’ve avoided a lot of embarrassing rants on subjects that seemed so important at the time but, with the perspective of history, are not really that big a deal. Also, I can now do anecdotes about the job and my fellow workers with no risk of getting sacked from the one or having my face rearranged by the other (a great bunch of people but, shall we say, a bit volatile…)

If you’ve any appetite left, I’ll try to re-whet it.

I’m getting on a bit, but can still tie my own shoelaces and break into a run. I like: The Small Faces; The Kinks; Bob Dylan; Chicago Blues; Big Guitar Solos; Jane Austen (what??…); George Eliot; T.S. Eliot; curry; pies; chilli con carne; real feminists; dressing like I’m 40 years younger…… not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea.

I don’t like: lying politicians (is that tautology?); beetroot; people who use their smartphones to tell you that, although you’re right here with them, there’s somebody not here who’s more interesting than you; beige trousers with blue blazers and brown lace-ups; a sense of entitlement where there’s nothing to back it up; being judged by my accent….. again, not exhaustive, but you can’t expect me to give away too much material early on.

As someone who remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis, I am quite worried (and this must be a crowd-pleaser) by the spectacle of two obese, narcissistic lunatics with unforgivable hairstyles squaring up to each other like drunks in a pub, but instead of beer glasses they’ve got a nuclear capability, and that means it’s not so easy to just quietly leave and go to a safer place. When “the most powerful man in the world” has so little awareness that he thinks “my Button’s bigger than your Button” is a clincher in this argument, perhaps we’ve got this democracy thing wrong?

Is that enough to at least build anticipation for the next blog? Am I in danger of being trolled by men in beige trousers? Or being shrivelled by Presidential anger on Twitter? Will someone try to argue that Keith Moon was a better drummer than Kenny Jones? I do hope so. It’s all about getting a reaction.

I promise to post again before 2023. Apart from anything else, at my age I can’t really plan that far ahead….

I’ll be in touch. In the meantime, if you have something to say…….



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