Maybe beige trousers have their uses….

What have I got against beige trousers? On the face of it, nothing, since I don’t wear them myself. But I’ve been questioned, so I do need to clarify a little. It’s just that, in our household, they have become the symbol of that rite of passage from just being someone to being someone who’s... Continue Reading →


Four rants and an apology

Thank you for the rather muted, but nevertheless welcome, reaction to the last blog. I’m disappointed not to have had any hostility from men in beige trousers; and Donald Trump, distracted with preparing his “State of the Nation” speech, must have been too busy to attack me for my fake report that he’s obese. Allow... Continue Reading →

Is it really that long?

It's all about the timing.... In April 2013, when I posted my first blog,I had a plan.  I was going to be brief but intriguing, then wait awhile to build anticipation for the next post. I maybe overdid the pause. Maybe by about five years. It's 2018, and anyone who may have been piqued by... Continue Reading →

I've been writing all my life, for fun and for a living, but this is my first step away from the printed page and into the infinite spaces of the Internet.My children, talented and beautiful, and both, as it turns out, more fluent and natural writers than their old Dad, have encouraged me (possibly just... Continue Reading →

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